Element Saver is a catalyst that can help in almost all spheres.

Danish Bio & Energy
becomes Element Saver Denmark.

It is with great pleasure that we can publish this. We are incredibly proud and happy that this has become a reality. Element Saver is an international company headquartered in the Czech Republic. And with this merger we now have a Danish branch, Element Saver Denmark. Going forward, we will be located at: Birk Centerpark 40, 7400 Herning. Element Saver continues in current CVR no., So all agreements, guarantees, service agreements etc. are unchanged.

With best regards Philip Bednar Bräuner, Klaus Svendsen

Wide range of applications

We focus on developing and manufacturing products that deliver more profit for our customers by optimizing products that create more environmentally friendly solutions for industry and retail.

The core of our product range is Element Saver - a catalyst that is able to influence natural substances and processes, such as water, food, static electricity, completely without the use of electricity or mechanical parts. We are also involved in the wind turbine and thermodynamics industry.

For hoods, there is no longer a lengthy cleaning process during shutdowns.

Element Saver requires minimal service. It is also suitable for use in conjunction with drinking water, hot water or water for technical purposes according to building regulations. Our products are also suitable for use in the food industry, this being exclusively stainless steel products.

Energy savings of almost 50% and we're not finished!

Element Saver - independet test

The Element Saver Independent Test, installed on a compressor in the 3GN stainless steel refrigeration table, saves energy by more than 45% over the original measured values.

Cooling table with parameters

Length1928 mmWidth0685 mm
Height0700 mmTemperatures+1 - (+6)°C
Cooling mediumR290Insulation65 mm
Refrigerant capacity0,42 kWPower Input0,33 kW
You can read more in the article HERE.

In our gallery you can see where our device has real use. Gradually, we will add pictures from the implemented projects.