Electrostatic energy

Neutralizing static electricity and surface tension not only provides a better and safer working environment, but also greater manufacturing safety.

Less risk of injury at work as well as damage to electronics and manufacturing equipment. Avoid electrostatic sticking of dust on products and you will get better conditions for high quality production with less waste.

Adm. Director Gert Jensen of GJ Coating paints thousands of objects every day and some was looking for something that could solve the problem of static charging during transport and painting.

He saw one of the products Element Saver and decided to try one of his machines, immediately noted improvement in the painting process.

The next step was to mount the unit Element Saver on dosing device colors, which reduced the consumption of water-based paints by more than 18%, which led to reduce the production time of paint products by 18%.

The results obtained were so convincing that the rest of the painting machines were also equipped with innovative equipment and since then have been manufacturing ventilation systems also upgraded with Element Saver products.

Element Saver test - Cooling table 3GN

GASTRO PRODUCTION Ltd. launched independent tests to measure the power consumption of its products using Element Saver. One of the tested products is the COOLING TABLE 3GN, which is most commonly used in professional gastro establishments.

Technical parameters

LENGTH1928 mm
WIDTH0685 mm
HEIGHT0700 mm
VOLTAGE1, N, PE ~ 230V, 50Hz

Element Saver was mounted on a compressor on May 14, 2019, the refrigeration table was connected to gauges and employees of GASTRO make regular records of measurements.

As you can see from the attached photos below, the consumption of the 3GN cooling table decreased after 59 days from of the original 3.45kWh / 24h, except for the1.88kWh / 24h used in recent days. It should be added that the cooling table is not tested under laboratory conditions. I.e. there is no constant low constant temperature that could positively affect or distort the test results. The product is run all the time in the showroom of a non-air-conditioned company, only heated. The temperature in the showroom varies depending on the weather, but despite the hot summer days, when the room temperature was approaching 30 ° C, consumption was still falling.

Graf element saver - úspora chladicího stolu 3GN Element Saver namontovaný na kompresoru - detail Element Saver namontovaný na kompresoru - záběr na agregát Element Saver namontovaný na kompresoru - záběr na agregát Chladicí stůl 3GN Chladicí stůl 3GN - měření spotřeby 2